Hanson Associates
Asset & Maintenance Management Solutions


Clear the hurdles to superior performance

Achieve maximum return on asset investments.
Asset Management & Maintenance Program Improvement

  • Asset life cycle planning and management
  • Information and control systems improvement
  • Policy, standards and best practices including operating procedures
  • PM/PdM program review and improvement
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Key performance indicators, reporting and dashboards
  • Mobile data collection and work management 
  • Work planning and scheduling linked to economical parts management
  • Contract maintenance feasibility studies, work scopes, bid documents, selection criteria
  • Strength, weakness, opportunity analyses and program audits 

Enterprise Asset and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

  • Pre-selection needs assessment and essential features identification
  • EAMS/CMMS specifications, RFP packages and proposal analysis
  • Asset identification, definition, hierarchy, inventory and tagging
  • Implementation project management and support
  • PM and PdM program development
  • Failure analysis, problem-cause-remedy tracking and analysis
  • Report development
  • Revitalizing existing systems
    • Database reorganization and asset reconciliation
    • Update policies and procedures
    • Training
    • Paperless work assignment and data collection
    • Reporting and dashboards